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in and out-door students. On successfully completing their studies, the young men obtain the degree of B.A. Some of them on leaving this college join foreign universities, and often gain lucrative posts under Government. In 1888 twenty-seven Jewish students attended the Imperial Lyceum. In the School for Jurisprudence there are only three Jews. The extreme smallness of this number is accounted for by the fact to which I have already adverted, namely, that the Turkish Jews are not sufficiently familiar with the language of their native country.
Several hundred Jewish boys and girls are sent to Catholic and Protestant schools. In these institutions several of the teachers are known to indulge in the proclivities of pro-selytisers. It is true that the work of conversion succeeds in only rare instances; but the pupils generally look with unreserved disdain upon the religion of the conversionist, and become extremely lax in that moral discipline without which all the work of education is a delusion and a snare. Very frequently such pupils are the worst specimens of Jewish society, and become a disgrace to their hybrid creed.
1—The Jews in Turkey do not sufficiently realise the advantage of religious toleration and political equality in that Empire. The pupils of the Alliance Schools should be instructed in the historic facts which have led up to the emancipation of all subjects of the Sultan.
2.—Wherever Turkish is the vernacular it should be efficiently taught in the Jewish schools. No time should be lost in the training of teachers, who eventually will have to use the Turkish language as the medium of ordinary instruction. At the present time it is exceedingly difficult to obtain the services of competent Turkish school-masters.
3.—Owing to the extreme poverty of the mass of Jewish pupils, it is absolutely necessary that many of them should be provided with a meal during school hours. The present mode of treating this desideratum is most unsatisfactory.
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