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direction, the result being that we have all the work of Clerk and Secretary done, and the rent of offices paid out of a sum of about £350 a year. Above that, we have to pay £100 a year for advertising, printing and publishing, so that our expenditure comes only to £450 a year. Our grants to schools amount to £1,500 a year, and in order to reach that, what do we get ? Our subscriptions are about £800 ; we receive about £650 from various branches, and our other sources of income amount to about £200, so that our income is £1,650, whereas our expenditure is at least some £350 above that amount ; and the consecpience is that this dinner is for the object of raising £800 and meeting the deficit of £350, which will appear on the current year's working. We have an urgent necessity for £l,500. I should very much like to see means given to the Council for doing more in schools where we have already done something, but this will of course depend on the liberality, not only of those present, but of those who go with us in the good work which we have undertaken. I have a list of nearly forty places in all parts of the world where we have established branches from which we derive a considerable part of our income ; and if our objects are praiseworthy, and we are doing our best to serve those who follow the same religion as we do in all parts of the world, but who are less favoured than ourselves, then we are deserving the hearty support of the whole community. (Cheers.) If I have not made out a good case it is owing to the speaker and not to the cause. I have a letter from the Rev. Dr. Adler, who takes the deepest interest in everything connected with this charitable work. He says he could not come here to-night owing to mourning; and then I have a letter from the President of the Alliance Israelite of Paris, which does such good work, and to which Baron Hirsch contributes with so much liberality. I would remind you that he is the man who offered the Russian Government a large sum to improve the education of then-Jewish subjects, but the Government refused the offer. I mention this so that you may then see it is not for want of funds that the Russian Government deny to the people of Israel that education which they are so eager to acquire. I have, gentlemen, nearly come to the end of my task. Mr. Mundella told me to-night that he thought it would be well that he or Mr. Brad laugh should propose success to the Anglo-Jewish Association, but I replied that I thought it better to adhere to the ancient custom—that it would be better for me, as President, to do so, as I alone had the means of giving you the necessary facts. (Hear, hear.) I have now to ask you to drink heartily the toast of " Success to the Anglo-Jewish Association." (Cheers.)
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