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vention, £40.)—The relations between the Jewish and Christian inhabitants are excellent, and will be strengthened bj the admission of pupils from the Jewish School into the gymnasium. The Municipality votes a small subvention to
the Boys' School.
Rustchuk (Bulgaria).—(Girls' School, 135 pupils).—This School has recently been re-organised and placed under the direction of Madame Astruc, formerly Head Mistress of the Girls' School at Damascus. The Council have granted £25 from the Education Fund for the purchase of a piano, as the introduction of the teaching of music was expected to lead to the withdrawal of a number of J ewish girls from a Christian School where such instruction is given.
Salon re a (Turkey).—(Boys' School, 286 pupils; Girls School, 185 pupils; Infant School, 220 pupils; subvention, £150.)—The report furnished by the local committee states that these Schools, which, in view of the growing importance of Salonica, are of great benefit to the rising generation of Jews, continue to make gratifying progress. The Girls School is now under the direction of Mcllle. Bornstein, who for some years successfully conducted a Girls' School at Constantinople. 200 of the children in the Infant School are admitted free.
Smyrna (Asia Minor).—(Boys' School, 266 pupils; Girls' School, 236 pupils; subvention, £1 SO.)—The demand for admission into the Boys' School is so great that were it endowed with the necessary means, it could educate three times the number of its present pupils. The paying scholars are, however, decreasing in number, whereas those admitted free are on the increase. The public examination was pre-. sided over by the Governor-General of the province, and produced satisfactory results.
The religious instruction is superintended by one of the most cultured Rabbis in the East. As in former years, the new pupils admitted into the institution include children professing the Greek, Catholic, and Mahomedan religions. By an arrangement with the Council of the Turkish School of Arts and Trades, of which the Governor-General is president,
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