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nineteenth annual report.
Bassoon, who were accompanied by the Secretaries of the two Bodies. The English text of the address, which was also prepared in Persian, is as follows :—
To the High and Mighty Sovereign, the Shah of Persia, unto whom the great and merciful God may grant a long, peaceful and prosperous reign, and establish his throne in the hearts of his subjects throughout all his dominions.
May it please your Majesty,
We, the representatives of the Jews in the British Empire, in common with our fellow-subjects of every creed and class, desire to convey to your Majesty the expression of our heartfelt joy at the auspicious event of your Majesty's second visit to this country. Being animated by a desire to promote the social, moral, and intellectual well-being of our brethren in faith we venture to address your Majesty, and to give expression to our joy in having after a lapse of sixteen years once more the glorious opportunity of approaching your Majesty's august presence.
In common with our fellow-subjects we are deeply impressed with your Majesty's Sovereign desire to maintain amity and goodwill amongst the different classes of men throughout your Majesty's dominions, and we shall always remain most grateful for the magnanimous words in which your Majesty after your first visit to this realm gave promise through your Majesty's eminent representative, Mai com Khan, that throughout the Persian dominions no social or political disabilities would be permitted to exist among the subjects who are happily placed under your Majesty's beneficent rule. Through the blessings of heaven, history will bear witness to the beneficence with which your Majesty promulgated wise and well-timed injunctions in order that followers of different creeds throughout the Persian dominions should be treated with even-handed justice, and that under no pretext whatever shall persons not belonging to the Mahomedan religion ever be deprived of their heritage or of any other rights of property, or ever be vexed and injured in any manner whatever under the plea that ancient customs justify the harsh treatment of any of your Majesty's subjects.
We recall with special gratitude the measures by which your Majesty, shortly after your visit to this country, placed the Jews of your dominions under the responsible guardianship of your Minister of Foreign Affairs, and by which, in
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