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nineteenth annual report.
plicifcy in disturbances at the funeral of the Rabbi in the course of last summer. The Conjoint Committee thereupon sent the following memorial to the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs:—
mrcA 27YA, 1890.
To the Right Honourable
The Marquis of Salisbury, K.G.
My Lord,
Encouraged by the humane and successful interposition afforded by your Lordship to our co-religionists at Bagdad in connection with the events of September last, we venture, though with much reluctance, to bring under your Lordship's notice further incidents of a painful and alarming character, the intelligence of which has reached us from trustworthy sources.
We were in hopes that the transfer of the Vali of Bagdad to another post would have allayed the hostility of the local authorities towards the Jews, and have secured our brethren against further molestation. Unfortunately, however, this has not been the case; the fanatical attack made upon the Jews has been renewed in a severe form, and under circumstances fraught with very great danger for the future.
Under the pretence that twelve persons (including the Ecclesiastical heads of the Jewish Community) had been concerned in the disturbances of September last, the High Court at Bagdad, known as the Council " A1 Istanaf," in the early part of February, summoned them to the Court, and renewed the former charge of having interred a Rabbi in a Mahomedan place of worship. Although the witnesses called to support the charge swore that they did not see the accused among the persons taking part in the riot, the Council condemned them, and sentenced them to one year's imprisonment and a fine of £3 each. These proceedings have plunged the Community into the greatest grief and consternation.
These innocent persons (including the revered Ecclesiastical heads of the Community) are sentenced to a severe and degrading punishment for having sought to exercise a right enjoyecl by the Jews of Bagdad from time immemorial, and never challenged till now.
As the question of the true ownership of the Shrine is the crucial point of the case, it may perhaps be useful to state a few salient facts with reference thereto.
The Shrine is known as " Nabi Yoosha," or " Cohen Yusha."
It was erected and is still maintained by means of the
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