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the town, and known as the tomb of Joshua, the Governor having given his authorisation for the interment to take place in this shrine. The Chief of Police on being informed of the attack made upon the Jews by Abdullah Zebach, the official above referred to, and his followers, immediately proceeded to the locality and arrested a number of the rioters. Owing, however, to the representations made by Zebach to the Governor, the Chief Rabbi and about sixty other Jews were arrested, and without any trial were imprisoned in a fort in which hitherto only murderers had been confined. While being conveyed to prison, the Jews were roughly tied by the head, coverings being fastened round their necks and attached to the horses of the officials.
In acknowledging the memorial, the Marquis of Salisbury informed the Conjoint Committee that Her Majesty's Ambassador at Constantinople had " been instructed to investigate the case and report what steps it may be possible to take with a view to remedying any well-founded grievances." In a subsequent communication from the Foreign Office, giving the substance of a report received from the Consul-General at Bagdad, it was stated that the Jews, believing they had had the Governor's sanction, had buried their Rabbi in a suburban shrine in a somewhat high-handed manner, and that they had refused to disinter the body when ordered to do so. The Consul-General further stated that all but five or six of the prisoners had been released.
As these statements were at variance with the information received by the Conjoint Committee, another meeting of that body was held to consider the communication from the Foreign Office, as also additional facts reported by correspondents in different parts of the East. A supplementary memorial was thereupon despatched to the Foreign Office. In this memorial it was pointed out to Lord Salisbury that " the British Consul-General may possibly have obtained all his information from Mussulman sources, and the perpetrators of the outrages on the unoffending Jews must, of course, offer some excuse for their misconduct. Their pretext appears to be that the Jews buried their Chief Rabbi in a somewhat high-
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