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nineteenth annual report.
the aid of documentary evidence will the absurd statements circulated about the Jews be corrected, such as that the Jews are all modern immigrants, that their number is excessively great, that they have never enjoyed better treatment than now-a-days, that not producing anything they are only a burden to the State. Carefully compiled statistics, undertaken by that society, and the collection of ancient documentary evidence, will soon show the fallacy of such assertions, some of which have become current throughout Europe.
The Jewish press, stifled by threats and persecution, has not been of as much service as in former times. It is to be hoped, however, that the fearlessness and truthfulness which characterised the Frciternitate before the expulsion of its editors and contributors, will be equally prominent in the JSgcilitate, the new paper which has been started under the same auspices.
But in spite of these little luminous points, all the rest is darkness and. misery, which deepens from day to day, almost obliterating from the memory of the unfortunate victims of persecution the fact that there has once been a day of happiness, and eradicating from their hearts the hope that there may come another day of freedom and liberty.
Persecutions at Bagdad.
On the 24th October the Council received information of the persecution and imprisonment of several of the principal Jews at Bagdad, including the Chief Rabbi, by direction of the Governor and other officials. Information, identical in character, having also been furnished by Messrs. 1J. Bassoon and Co., a meeting of the Conjoint Committee of the Anglo-Jewish Association and the Board of Deputies was held on
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