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On several occasions urgent appeals were addressed to the Anglo-Jewish Association, by its correspondent at Buenos Ayres, to devise means for putting a stop to the large influx into the Argentine Republic of Jews from Eastern Europe who had been deceived by self-styled emigration agents, and who, after parting with the little they possessed, arrived in the Argentine in a state of destitution. As the best means for giving effect to this appeal advertisements were published by the Council in the Hebrew press of Galicia, Poland, Roumania, and Russia, warning the Jews against having any dealings with unauthorised agents, and advising only those to emigrate who are able-bodied agriculturists and artisans, and are possessed of some means. The Council have reason to believe that the course adopted by them has achieved its object.
The Council have given earnest consideration to a suggestion made by members of their body as to the desirability of promoting agricultural pursuits among Jews, with the co-operation of Baron de Hirsch, who, it was understood, was contemplating a scheme for the promotion of emigration. In the absence of any plans of a sufficiently definite character to justify immediate action, the Council came to the conclusion not to take any steps at present in the matter. In consequence, however, of the publicity given to the discussions on the subject, memorials were received by the Anglo-Jewish Association from societies and individuals in Russia and the United States, requesting that Baron de Hirsch should be appealed to for the purpose of founding settlements in Palestine in preference to the United States. The Council having forwarded these memorials to Baron de Hirsch, received from him a reply that he was entirely opposed to emigration to the Holy Land where the prospects of success were problematical, but that he was prepared to examine any well-defined scheme of the memorialists for aiding Jewish emigrants to settle in any part of America.
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