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Great activity has been displayed by several of the Branches. Through the energy of Mr. A. Lyons, of Swansea, and of the Rev. A. T. Boas, of Adelaide, the Branches formerly existing in those towns have been re-established. The hope expressed in the last Annual Report that a similar result would be brought about in Kingston, Jamaica, has not yet been realised, but the attempt will be renewed at a more propitious period.
The Association has obtained an important footing among the Jewish colonists in the Transvaal through the exertions of Mr. H. Ideller, President of the Jewish Congregation at Barberton. A Branch has been formed in Barberton as a first step towards the fulfilment of Mr. Heller's promise that he would endeavour to establish Branches in various South African settlements.
The Sydney Branch has again benefited by the liberality of Mr. Alfred Shackel, of Grenfell, who, as in the previous year, defrayed the entire expenditure of the Branch. Another benefactor to a Colonial Branch was the late Mr. Solomon Samuels, one of the founders of the Ballarat Branch, who has bequeathed £25 to that institution, the first legacy made to a Branch.
The Melbourne Branch, from which the Parent Body derives valuable support, has appointed a Canvassing Committee, with the view of enrolling as members many of the Jewish residents in that city. A similar Committee has been formed at Tredegar, and in Sunderland a canvass has also been set on foot without the machinery of a special committee.
Three meetings held by Branches in the North of England have been attended by deputations from the Council. On the 13th October Mr. F. D. Mocatta and the Rev. A. Ltiwy addressed a concourse of members of the Manchester Branch. On the 5th January the Rev. Dr. M. Caster and Mr. E. H. d'Avigdor addressed a public meeting at Leeds with most satisfactory results. Thirty-three new members were in-
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