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7. Moved by the Rev. Professor Marks, and seconded by Dr. Maurice Davis, J .P., that a vote of thanks be given to the Chairman.
The following twenty-three gentlemen were declared to be elected as Members of the Council for the ensuing two years :—
Mr. H. H. Collins.
Lieut.-Colonel and Aid. P. Cowan.
Mr. Charles Davis.
Mr. Conrad J. "Davis.
Mr. Frederick Davis.
Mr. Henry A. Franklin.
Major A. E. G-oldsmid.
Mr. F. B. Halford.
Mr. Cecil Q. Henriques.
Mr. Charles S. Henry.
Mr. Joseph Jacobs. B.A.
Mr. Benjamin Kisch, M.A.
Mr. L. A. Lawrence. Mr. James Leverson. Rev. Professor Marks. Mr. Claude G. Montefiore. Mr. Lionel E. Pyke, LL.B. Mr. Charles Samuel. Mr. D. F. Schloss. Mr. I. Seligman.
Rev. S. Singer.
Mr. A. E. Sydney. Mr. Lucien Wolf.
By Me. Morris Cohen.
The letters I liave received from various towns in Persia in reply to my inquiries concerning their Jewish populations, are filled with lamentations and cries of despair. The condition of the Jews in almost every part of Persia is as wretched as can possibly be imagined, and the thought of being destined to continue suffering without any hope of relief leads them to despondency. Are we to sit idly by, and not extend a helping hand to our grievously afflicted brethren ?
There is no link connecting the Persian Jews with their European brethren. They are, so to say, cut off from the world, and their sorrows and grievances are scarcely known. Up to the present time no champion has taken up their cause, and without succour from Europe they are destined to bear the yoke of persecution for many a weary year to come. Efforts must be made to help these . poor sufferers, to whom life is but a round of misery and woe, and we must endeavour to remove the reproach cast upon them in these parts of Asia.
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