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are limited, I think I shall have pointed out a duty which lies upon the Jewish community. I must especially refer to the want of the means of education for girls. There are girls' schools in Constantinople and Jerusalem. The one in Jerusalem was established by the late lamented Baroness Lionel do Rothschild, and is now supposed to be administered by representatives of her family. J do trust that that school may be improved, and that a larger number of Jewish girls in Jerusalem may receive a proper education. The Jewish population in all parts of the world can do much, and writers of newspapers in the East have been encouraged to assist the Association in achieving this object. That is the sum and substance of the work of the Anglo-Jewish Association during the past year. Wo have, I think I may say, done nothing brilliant, but we have done our best for the sacred cause we have undertaken. Many gentlemen, notably, Mr. B. Kisch, the Chairman of the Executive Committee, Mr. F. D. Mocatta and others, have devoted their time and abilities to this great cause, and I am satisfied that any help you can give, whether it be personal assistance or pecuniary aid, is thoroughly deserved. I think the future of the Anglo-Jewish Association is full of promise, that the efforts we have made to stay the persecutor's hand have been in many cases successful, whereas, on the other hand, education has produced satisfactory results, and contains the seeds of future prosperity and advancement. It is with feelings of no small certainty that I say that the Association is still called upon to do, and is doing, very good work. (Cheers.)
The following resolutions were then unanimously adopted:—
1. Moved by the Chairman, and seconded by Sir John Simon, M.1that the .Annual IieporC and Balance-sheet be adopted.
2. Moved by Sir Philip Magnus, and seconded by the Rev. Dr. M. Caster, that a vote of thanks be given to the President.
3. Moved by the Hon. Michael Solomon (Jamaica), and seconded by the Rev. H. G-ollancz, B.A., that a vote of thanks be given to the Vice-Presidents, the Treasurer, Council, and Committees.
i. Moved by Mr. A. G-. Henriques, and seconded by Mr. B. Kisch, M.A., that a vote of thanks be given to the Hon. Officers and Committees of Branches, and to the Treasurers of Agencies.
( 5. Moved by Mr. Ellis A. Franklin, and seconded by Mr. A. E. Sydney, that a vote of thanks be given to the Auditors, Mr. H. H. Collins and Mr. Charles Davis, and that they be re-elected Auditors for the ensuing year.
6. Moved by the President, and seconded by Mr. J. Bergtheil, that a vote of thanks be given to the Secretary.
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