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enforced. During the last year, however, the number of foreign. Jews increased so rapidly all over South Russia that the Government felt itself compelled to put, if not a complete, at least a partial, stop to the influx, and the various Governor-Generals and Governors were ordered to carry into effect the law of 1857. The Jews already form one-third of the population of the towns and villages in South Russia, and in some places, for instance, Berdicheff and Mohileff, the entire inhabitants are said to he of Jewish extraction. The Chairman continuing, stated that from a telegram which Appeared recently in the ZWfy Mwa, 600 families were expelled from Odessa, and added that the Conjoint Committee will do all in their power, hut they do not see much prospect at present of inducing the Russian authorities to withdraw the edicts of expulsion. Restraints are placed upon the Jewish population. Every impediment is put in their way in the matter of education, and only a very small percentage are allowed to attend the universities, colleges, or public schools. I regret this all the more as one of the excellent characteristics of the Jewish race is its desire for knowledge, its thirst for education. We have to look for some amelioration of the condition of the Jews in Russia from the Pahlen Commission. We see from the press that the Commission is shortly to send in its report. I am not in a position to give you any authoritative statement, but I do hope that it may be productive ot some advantage to the unhappy Jews of that country, io turn from Russia to Roumania : I will not detain you long on this point, and I am glad to be able to give you a more satisfactory statement. In Roumania there has been a considerable improvement m the condition of the Jews since the fall of the Bratiano ministry. 1 he present Government appear to be guided by men of more enlightened views, and the result already has been that in at least one respect they have done a member of this Association justice by recalling the'decree of expulsion against the Rev. Dr. Gaster. (Hear.) IJr. Gas tor has been invited to return to Roumania, and his father has had addressed to him a letter to the following effect
Ministry of Public Worship and Instruction, Bucharest, 11th June, 1888.
^ It is with great satisfaction I hasten to inform you that I have just signed a Ministerial decision, whereby the Edict of Expulsion against your
best regards to your son, with whose present address in London I am not acquainted. Yours faithfully,
T. Majoresco.
The whole position of the Jews in Roumania is now full of promise. I do not believe there is any enmity between them and the Roumanian people. It is perfectly obvious they are regarded
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