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appendix a.—proceedings at annual meeting. 37
Held under the Presidency of Sir Julian Goldsmid, Bart., M.P., on June 24th, 1888.
The Chairman addressed the meeting as follows on the year's work of the Association:—-
It now becomes my duty to make to you a short statement in moving tlic adoption of the .Annual Report and Balance-sheet. Before I do so, I will mention that I have received a letter from M. Loeb, of the Alliance Israelite of Paris, regretting that he cannot bo present at our meeting, and expressing his sentiments of profound sympathy with our Association. 1 have now to sketch briefly the substance of the Annual Report. As usual, the Report commences with the losses which the Jewish community has sustained through death. The Council has had to deplore the loss of Baron de Stern, M. I. E. Ivann (Hon. Secretary of the Alliance Israelite), and M. Alexander Sidi, President of the Alliance Committee in Smyrna. I desire to express the condolence of the whole Association with the relatives of these gentlemen. I have now to say something upon the present condition and future prospects of this .Association. You will remember shortly after I accepted the office of President of the Association, to my great regret its financial condition looked almost hopeless. The amount of support was not commensurate with the great work which we had undertaken. But 1 thought the moment had arrived when some active exertion should be taken in order to improve its condition and prospects, and I ventured to propose the holding of a Dinner, which was a great success. Since that time there has been a great improvement in the condition and prospects of the Association, and last year organising Committees were established, which undertook the duty of ^promoting its interest among the large Jewish population of this city. I may say with satisfaction that the results are already worthy of the efforts which have been made. Mr. Claude Moute-fiore, whose absence through illness I much regret, undertook to organise Committees in the Northern and Western districts. Sir John Simon, whose great abilities are always at the service of the Association, presided over the meeting held in Highbury, and the result of the endeavours of the North London Committee, and particularly of its energetic Chairman and Hon. Secretary, the Rev. H. Gollancz, to whom due thanks are recorded in the Annual Report.
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