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customers who wish to befriend the School. An exhibition of needlework and embroidery, hold at the end of 1888, was much admired by the visitors. It deserves to be noticed that the girls employed in the workrooms made the clothing intended for destitute pupils in the Boys' School. They also made the dresses which were presented to poor fellow-pupils. The expenses incurred in this work of charity were defrayed by a Society of girls who originally had received their instruction at this well-managed School.
Tetuan (Morocco).—(Girls' School, 238 pupils: subvention, £28.)—The number of pupils has reached the highest limit which the present premises can accommodate. The attendance left nothing to be desired, even at the approach of festivals. Great attention is devoted to neatness in the pupils. Donations granted by Mr. F. D. Mocatta, and by friends in Paris, have enabled the Committee to give clothing and shoes to GO children. The pupils in the workrooms have made the dresses and the underclothing for their poor companions, and are thus being early taught to employ their skill in the cause of charity. The children are trained to assist each other in their studies, and each girl on newly entering the School receives monitorial help from an advanced fellow learner. The members of the Tetuan Community are noted for their love of progress, and with their limited means they do their very best to support this favourite Institution.
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