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Morocco, and they may ultimately succeed in establishing unity amongst the several Congregations of their native country.
In the last Annual Report it was mentioned that Mr. S. Louis Harris had of his own accord inscribed new members among his Jewish fellow-residents in Tredegar. The public spirit thus shown by Mr. Harris has borne good fruit, for in the month of March a meeting of the members of the Tredegar Congregation was held in the Synagogue, when it was decided to form a Branch of the Anglo-Jewish Association. Mr. Louis Fine is President, and the Rev. J. Phillips Hon. Secretary.
There is reason to hope that through the energy of the Rev. S. Jacobs, of Kingston, Jamaica, and of Mr. A. Lyons, of Swansea, the Branches which formerly existed in those towns will be revived. An appeal made from the pulpit by the Rev. Mr. Jacobs was generously responded to. At Swansea Mr. Lyons has collected the subscriptions promised by several members.
The members of the Plymouth Branch having to deplore the death of their respected President, Mr. Lewis Hyman, Mr. Asher Levy, who since 1877 had acted as Hon. Secretary of the Branch, has succeeded him as President. The active and prominent part hitherto taken by Mr. Levy in the working of the Branch has on many occasions earned for him the cordial thanks of the Parent Body.
The Council are gratified to state that the Rev. Dr. J. Strauss, who has during many years promoted the strength and efficiency of the Bradford Branch, has recently accepted the office of President.
This Association now has 35 Branches and about 3,100 Members.
The position of the Jews in Roumania is still Very far from satisfactory, The downfall of the Bratiano Cabinet has not wrought any remarkable change in the political or social
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