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shown the deepest interest in the work, both as a member of the Council and as an officer of the Association, and has brought to bear upon the discharge of his duties a zeal, energy, ability, and special knowledge which it would be difficult to surpass. His devotion to its interests has been shown at all times, and the Council are assured that his advocacy has enlisted the support of many friends, and has done much to add to the usefulness and thoroughness of their work."
Consequent upon Mr. Lowy's retirement, a Special Committee was appointed by the Council to consider the course to be recommended for the future carrying on of the work of the Association. That Committee drew up a report, which was afterwards adopted by the Council, and from which the following passages are quoted:—•
The opportunity is now afforded of reconsidering the whole question of the office work of the Association, and the Committee are of opinion that the time has come for considerable rearrangement, and retrenchment. It should be stated that the Secretarial work of the Association has of late much diminished, and is at present within very manageable compass. Under these circumstances, the Committee believe that it will not be necessary to appoint a Secretary of the same standing or with exactly the same duties as those so ably fulfilled by Mr. Lowy. They consider that with some modifications of the Bye-laws it would be sufficient to appoint a Clerk to the Council. They consider that for this position Mr. Duparc, who has been connected for nearly fourteen years with the Association, and is thoroughly acquainted with the business, is well qualified; and they recommend that he should be appointed accordingly. They further recommend that an office should be engaged in some central position. If the several recommendations of the Committee are adopted, the Council will be able to effect a saving of about £-300 per annum.
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