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the Council have not relaxed their vigilance in this respect. On fitting occasions the Council have tendered advice, the adoption of which would considerably lessen the friction between the Jewish and the Mahomedan populations. The Council have the satisfaction of stating that in such instances their advice has been received in good part.
The good offices of the Association have also been employed with the view of remedying some of the grievances of which the Jews in Persia have complained. In conjunction with the Board of Deputies the Council intend to avail themselves of the approaching visit of the Shah to London, to make such representations to His Majesty as the status of his Jewish subjects seems to require.
The action taken last year regarding the restrictions placed on the settlement of foreign Jews in Palestine (see Seventeenth Annual Report, pp. 16—19) has been attended with excellent results. Owing to the representations originally made upon this subject by Her Majesty's Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs to the Government of the Sultan, that Government has modified the regulations concerning the domicile of foreign Jews in the Holy Land. The Turkish authorities have laid down the rule that the former enactments for the exclusion of new settlers should not be enforced unless emigrants should enter Palestine in large numbers.
Turning from political to educational matters, it is most gratifying to refer to the zeal and energy with which the Committees and the Teachers of Eastern Jewish Schools apply themselves to their respective duties. In nearly every School there is an increase of pupils. The excellent work which is being carried on without intermission or drawback, has, in many instances, been marked by the high approval and encouragement of the non-Jewish authorities.
The readers of the present Report will find much interesting information which has been addressed to the Anglo-Jewish Association upon the educational work of their Schools. It has been represented to them that, as the elementary and technical Schools attract many pupils
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