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Seventeenth annual report.
resident of the district the lofty ideal and undoubted claims of the Anglo-Jewish Association. From a perusal of the annexed List of the District Committee and Canvassers it will be observed that a prominent feature of this Committee consists in the employment of Lady Canvassers—a departure fully warranted by the successful results attendant upon their ready and cheerful co-operation in the work.
At a Meeting held on December 29th, the Provisional Committee and Canvassers became organised into a regular body, and elected the Rev. Hermann Gollancz, B.A., as Chairman of the North London District Committee.
A difficulty having arisen in the appointment of ail Honorary Secretary, the Chairman, in order to prevent any further delay, undertook personally to conduct the correspondence and details connected with the post of Hon. Sec.
Between December 11th, 1887, and April 18th, 1888, several meetings of the Committee and Canvassers were held. There was further appointed a Sub-Committee, whose task it was to prepare an exhaustive series of Lists containing the names of such residents as were unattached to the Association. These Lists were subsequently apportioned to the various Canvassers—members of the Committee—who were willing to aid in the task. With the apportioning of these Lists the real work of canvassing began, and the members of the Committee have reason to be much gratified at the result.
117 new Subscribers and 40 Donors have been obtained through the agency of this Committee, exclusive of the 25 new Subscribers enrolled at the Public Meeting. Included in the donations is an amount of £5 coming from a district " Sympathiser" with the work of the Association, for the purposes of the " Education Fund." This result represents an additional income of £74 Is. Od. towards the fund of the Association,
In concluding this brief Report, the best thanks are due to the Wardens of the Dais ton Synagogue for their kindness in having granted the use of the Vestry-room for the holding of the Meetings of the North London District Canvassing Committee.
my % 5648—1888.
Hermann Gollancz,
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