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north london district canvassing committee. 85
Canvassing Committee.
Rev. J. A. Gouldstein. Rev. J. Lesser.
Rev. S. Munz. J. AtrutE'L, Esq. S. F. Cohen, Esq.
John I. Emanuel, Esq. Morris Harris, Esq. Henry Hart, Esq. J. Hassan, Esq.
Mrs. J. Atrutel.
Miss Azulay.
Miss Blanche Cohen. The Misses emanuel. The Misses lyon.
GOLLANCZ, B.A., Chairman.
Albert R. Isaacs, Esq. J. Levin, Esq.
George Levy, Esq.
A. Rosenfeld, Esq.
B. Rosenfeld, Esq. M. A. Rozelaar, Esq. S. Simons, Esq. L. souhami, Esq.
Mrs. E. S. Bool. Mrs. M. A. Rozelaar. Mrs. S. Simons.
Miss wllks.
This Committee owes its existence to the efforts of the General Canvassing Committee of the Anglo-Jewish Association to establish local branches in various districts of London. The northern district having been considered likely to supply a fruitful field for operation on behalf of the Association, it was determined, as a test, to commence the work of district canvassing among the residents of the North. A Public Meeting was accordingly held on December 11th, 1887, at Northampton House, Highbury, and was presided over by Sir John Simon, M.P. Despite the inclement weather, which naturally prevented a very large attendance, the meeting proved a success, inasmuch as it gave an impetus, among those who attended, to the furtherance of the humane work of the Association in two ways : first, in the enrolment, during the meeting, of twenty-five new Annual Subscribers, and secondly, in the establishment of a Local Committee for the purpose of bringing home to, as far as possible, every Jewish
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