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delivered a Lecture, in which he drew especial attention to the usefulness of the work done by this Association.
The unity of purpose between the Anglo-Jewish Association and the Alliance Israelite has proved of great advantage in diminishing the consequences of persecution to which Jews in some foreign countries are so often exposed. Information regarding the status of Jewish populations abroad has been collected throughout the year, and has been carefully utilised in representations which the Council, jointly with the Board of Deputies, made on frequent occasions to Her Majesty's Government.
Vigorous efforts were set on foot during the past year to render the Jewish residents in some districts of the Metropolis better acquainted with the aims and objects of the Anglo-Jewish Association. It is recognised by the intelligent portion of the community, that the benevolent attention of every Jew and Jewess should be directed to raise their unhappily placed co-religionists in foreign lands to such a position as would enable them to reap all the benefits accruing from good education and from self-help through labour.
The Council having considered various measures for bringing themselves more closely in contact with the thousands of Jewish inhabitants in London, who have hitherto not been members of the Association, Mr. Claude G. Montefiore undertook to organise the establishment of Canvassing Committees in the Metropolis. A commencement was made in the North of London, where with the co-operation of the Rev. H. Gollancz and Mr. Henry Hart, an active Canvassing Committee was formed. Under their auspices a public meeting was held on December 11th, at Northampton House, Highbury. The meeting was addressed by Sir John Simon, M.P., who presided, the Revs. Dr. M. Gaster, H. Gollancz, Professor Marks and S. Singer ; Major Goldsmid and M. Nissim Behar, Director of the Jerusalem School; Messrs. Henry Hart, Albert R. Isaacs, B. Kisch, Claude G. Montefiore, B. Rosenfeld, and A. Souhami. One hundred and forty members have been inscribed through the aid of the North London Committee, among whom the
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