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Jews are also found in tlie Khanates, mostly traders, and rather a fine race, but badly treated.
India, China, &c.—Many of the large cities of India contain Jews, though as a rule they are neither numerous nor very important, and their whole number may be esti-mated at about 12,000 to 15,000. Most of these are in Bombay, many having immigrated thither in the early part of this century from the Asiatic provinces of Turkey, and they consequently speak Arabic. Here are also to be found the Beni-Israel, who speak Marathi, a hitherto much neglected race, among whom we have established a school, which is producing excellent results. There further exist in India a few black Jews, probably descendants of ancient proselytes.
Traces of Jews are to be found in parts of China, especially at Fu-Cliu-Fu in the North, though from long isolation from the rest of their brethren their separate existence and creed have become almost effaced.
Africa.—In Africa, that is, the northern portion of that vast continent, there are many Jews, everywhere, except in Morocco and Abyssinia, enjoying toleration, but as a rule very backward in education. Those of Egypt are reckoned at something over 30,000, of Tripoli at 10,000 or 15,000, of Tunis at 70,000, and of Algeria at 80,000 or 90,000, but these numbers are very uncertain. Their general language all along the line of the coast is Spanish. In Abyssinia is a large ancient colony of Jews of uncertain race, and only partially conforming to Israelitish usages, called ^ the Fala-shahs, of whom we could wish to know more. Their numbers are very variously stated at from 50,000 to 250,000; their education appears to be low, and their treatment is far from what could be desired.
In Morocco there is a considerable Jewish population, probably about 200,000, of whom more than half reside in the cities of the coast, in many of which we have schools, such as those of Mogador, Larache, Tetuan, and Tangiers, where they speak Spanish and Arabic. The rest inhabit the interior, and their language is the Arabic of the country, while, strange to say, a few of very uncertain origin are to be found among the wild mountain tribes of the Riffs, as warlike and as lawless as the rest.
The position in Morocco is very sad; the country being in a semi-barbarous state, and the population fanatical, the Jews are exposed to violence and insult of every kind. In the coast towns several hundreds, or, including their families and dependents, probably a very few thousands have obtained the
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