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seventeen!1!-! annual report.
subject has been received from Her Majesty's Minister at Tangier
Sfr W. Kirby Green reports that Mr. White, Her Majesty's Consul, within whose sphere of duty the case properly tell, far from having declined to aid Mrs. Attias in guarding her ward, brought to his, Sir W. K. Green's, knowledge the fears that were entertained of Guilleomo de Celis being gained possession of in some violent manner by his Spanish relations, and the legal difficulties that were in the way of efficiently protecting Mrs. Attias' ward. Sir W. K. Green proceeds to say that he therefore thought it well to send for some of the Elders of the Jewish community in Tangier, to explain to them in a private and confidential manner, that if they held to Guilleomo de Celis being brought up in the Jewish faith they would do well to remove him to Gibraltar or some other place of equal safety. The reply made to his communication by the Elders was that Guilleomo de Celis, being the baptized bastard of a Jew, the Jews were not very keen about retaining him in their community and that Mrs. Attias must take her chance of being able to keep possession of the boy.
Sir W. Kirby Green observed that perhaps under these circumstances lukewarmness on the part of the Biitish officials might have been justified, but that, as probably Mrs. Attias herself would testify, throughout all the phases of the question of the rightful custody of the boy De Celis, Mr. White has availed himself to the utmost of the courses open to him by law to protect Mrs. Attias' position.
I am, Sir, your most obedient, humble servant,
T. Y. Lister.
Sir Jno. Simon, M.P.
Bagdad.—(187 pupils ; subvention, £120 : apprenticing department, 57 pupils; subvention £80.)—Mr. Morris Cohen, the English master, had under his charge 124 pupils, of whom 41 were beginners. Great progress was made in the training class of apprentices, who are being taught the following trades:—Coppersmith, 25 ; carpenter, 10 ; goldsmith, 8; weaver, 8; bootmaker, 6. The employment of
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