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" tolerate the commission of acts of tyranny and injustice of " the Sultan's officers." In the same year Earl Granville wrote: -—■" The European Powers could not be expected to " continue to regard unmoved the oppression of the Jews and " other non-Mahommedan subjects of the Empire, or to listen " to the plea of fanaticism which is put forward as the reason " why the Moorish Government were unable to relax the de-" grading usages to which the non-Mussulmen are compelled " to submit."
We venture, therefore, to submit with equal deference and earnestness that before making further concessions to the Sultan of Morocco, the constant violation of the solemn promises given by his Majesty before the Convention of 1880 was signed should be brought to His Majesty's notice, and to that of the Conference at Madrid.
We are not unaware that the existing system of Consular protection is open to abuse, but it has afforded directly and indirectly almost the only security to the Jews against cruel oppression, and we again venture to urge upon your Lordship the importance of not allowing the present protection to be withdrawn without taking measures for providing other and more efficient safeguards.
We are impressed with the deep conviction that unless such measures be adopted in the interest of the non-Mahommedans, the abolition or material modification of Consular protection would expose the lives and properties of non-Maliommedan bodies even more than at present to the rapacity and barbarity of the Moorish authorities.
We have the honour to be,
Your Lordship's obedient Servants, (Signed) Arthur Cohen,
President of the London Committee of Deputies of the British Jews.
F. D. Mocatta,
Vice-President of the Anglo-Jewish Association.
London, March 2!W, 1888.
With reference to these representations, the following reply was received:—
Foreign Office,
Sir, April 25th, 1888.
I am directed by the Marquis of Salisbury to acknowledge the receipt of the further letter of the 23rd ultimo,
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