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seventeenth annual report.
will have the effect of deterring the Moorish authorities from repeating their acts of cruelty on similar occasions.
Murders near Mogador.—A series of murderous outrages which occurred during the past winter in the vicinity of Mogador having been reported to this Association, the Council, before bringing the subject of these atrocities under the cognisance of Her Majesty's Government, decided to ascertain whether the Moorish law made a difference in cases where Mahomedans were the victims of murder, and in cases where Jews were murdered. Whilst this Report was passing through the press, a reply to this question has been received, and is to the following effect:—
1. Mahomedans not residing in towns adopt a course peculiar to themselves when one of their own community is murdered. The sons, if any, of the murdered man kill the murderer to avenge the blood which has been shed. If the murdered person has no sons, the charge of blood revenge devolves on his nearest relatives. In the event of the murderer dying a natural death, the kinsmen of the murdered man do not rest till they have inflicted the blood revenge on the sons, brothers, or other relatives of the criminal. This goes on without limit of time, and no blood-money is exacted.
2. Mahomedans residing in walled cities.—If at any time the corpse of a man or woman is discovered in the court of their dwelling-places, the Governor of the district makes strict inquiries, and if suspicion fall on any individual, he is heavily chained and thrown into prison until the matter is cleared up. If the crime is brought home to the imprisoned person by circumstantial evidence, or if he plead guilty, the judge pronounces sentence of death, a report is sent to the Sultan, and Government orders are given to bring the murderer into a public thoroughfare, to cut off his head, and leave the corpse exposed for three days on the spot where the execution has taken place. After that the corpse is buried. The writer has witnessed a case where three Mahomedan women were executed for the murder of a woman of their own creed.
3. There is no modern instance that a Mahomedan has killed a Jew in a town, but in the districts surrounding towns there are many instances that Mahomedans have killed Jews, and have either burned the remains or thrown them into
. pits and caverns. The instances where the victims are brought to burial are few, and these are effected only after great trouble and heavy expense. In such cases a Mahomedan who
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