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Copy of the Regulations as to Russian Jews under British Protection in Palestine.
All those Russian Jews who were originally registered as heads of families in or prior to the year 1849, and who have since continued to register as British subjects, shall continue to enjoy British protection during their lives; this is also to be extended to their widows, their male children until they have attained the age of 20, and their female children until they marry.
The same privileges to be extended to all actual holders ox certificates who shall be over 50 years of age on the 1st January, 1885, and who received British protection prior to 1st January, 1880.
All those persons whether male or female who were registered in or prior to the year 1849, but who were not then heads of families, and all persons registered between January, 1850, and January 1st, 1880, who shall be overdo years of age on 1st January, 1885, shall continue to enjoy British protection during their lives.
All Russian Jews not coming under any of the above categories should receive notice that protection will be withdrawn from them after 5 years from the 1st January, 1885.
In future no person hitherto unprotected shall be admitted to British protection without the previously obtained sanction of H. M. Ambassador, to be applied for by the Superintending Consul.
Certificates granted to Russian or other Jews should be made renewable only at the Consulate where they were originally issued, except in case of a permanent change of residence, when the nearest Consular Officer shall be empowered to renew the certificate after communication with the original registering office in order to establish the identity of the individual.
Should registration be omitted for more than three years in any individual case the protection originally accorded may be considered as having lapsed and the name of the defaulter should be struck off the registration rolls.
Discretionary power is left to the Consular Officers as to the rigorous enforcement of this rule in cases where age or infirmity may be the cause of the omission. In case of a protected Jew having affairs at Beyrout, Damascus, or other places in Syria other than the place of registration or in case of his being detained by illness, the said Jew should apply to the nearest Consular Officer to endorse on the certificate the cause of detention.
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