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that unless they returned to Russia to renew their passports in accordance with the Russian regulations, they would cease to be entitled to Russian protection. But as they had a religious wish to live and die in the Holy Land, and the Russian Government did not wish to act with severity towards them, Her Majesty's Government proposed an arrangement, which was accepted by the Russian Government, to transfer to British protection those Russian Jews who in this manner became deprived of their national protection and who produced certificates to that effect from the Russian Consular authorities.
Great difficulties have, however, arisen in recent years in verifying the titles of various claimants to British protection, and there has been a growing tendency on the part of the Turkish authorities to question the right of the British Government to extend protection to these Jews and their descendants as well as to other persons born in Turkey who cannot be considered as British subjects. A correspondence is still taking place on the subject.
It was found necessary to make some arrangements for defining and limiting the persons to whom protection should be extended for the future, and I am to enclose a copy of the regulations which were decided upon by Her Majesty's Government in 1885 for this purpose, which provide that with ^ the exception of certain persons of advanced age, and in some cases their descendants within certain limits, all Russian Jews will cease to enjoy British protection after 1st January, 1890.
It must be understood, however, that these regulations have not been accepted by the Turkish Government, who continue to claim that the protection shall cease entirely and at once, while Her Majesty's Government contend that this sudden withdrawal would not be equitable.
In regard to your second question I am to state that Her Majesty s Government have recently been informed that a regulation does exist forbidding the residence of foreign immigrants of Jewish extraction in Syria or Palestine for more than thirty days, and that the matter is under discussion between Her Majesty's Embassy at Constantinople and the Porte.
I am your most obedient, humble servant,
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