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Since the last Annual Meeting the Secretary has paid visits to the provinces, viz., to Canterbury and Dover, Hull, Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester (twice), Newcastle, and Sunderland. The few Jewish residents in Canterbury and Dover, being principally of foreign extraction, were eager to give their adhesion to the Anglo-Jewish Association. A joint Branch was formed for these two towns, Mr. Alderman Hart being President, and Mr. Samuel Hart Hon. Secretary. In Manchester a Canvassing Committee was formed, of which Mr. L. Cobe is Chairman, and the Rev. H. Levin Hon. Secretary. A good accession of members is expected to result from this new movement.
The Sunderland Branch has been re-established through the activity of Mr. Mark Cohen. This gentleman is the Hon. Secretary, and Mr. Joseph Wolfe has been appointed President of the Branch.
In Tredegar, Mr. 8. Louis Harris has been good enough of his own accord to inscribe new members among the Jewish residents.
Through the activity of Mrs. Jacob Piza the Association has succeeded in strengthening the Panama Branch, of which Mr. Joshua Piza is Hon. Secretary. Mr. Alfred J. Lindo, of Panama, has used his time and influence in reorganising the local Branch. Similar activity has been displayed by the Honorary Officei-s of other Colonial Branches. This was especially the case in Ballarat, Melbourne and Sydney.
During the past year large numbers of Jews inhabiting the Caucasian provinces were expelled from their domiciles under circumstances of great harshness by order of the Russian Government. These proceedings had the effect of driving the
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