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E. M. heneiques, Esq.. J.P., President, Tower Grange, Broughton Park. M. schlesingeb, Esq., Treasurer, Grove House, Plymouth Grove.
Rev. L. M. Simmons, B.A., Hon. Secretary, Oker Villa, Mount Broughton, Higher Broughton.
Dr. S. mobitz.
Rev. Dr. salomon {ex officio). C. sassoon, Esq.
Rev. I. Simon (ex officio).
Rev. J. H. Valentine (ex officio). C. van Biema, Esq.
S. Bigio, Esq. A. J. S. bleb, Esq. M. S. Bles, Esq. Bebesfoed Cohen, Esq. i. Ebankenbubg, Esq. L. Glass, Esq.
The Manchester Branch of the Anglo-Jewish Association, in presenting its Annual Report for the year 5647-1887, has no reason to complain of its position or prospects. In spite of the depression of trade and of the calls which naturally lie nearer to the Jewisli Community of Manchester than Education in the East, its income does not decrease, it rather increases ; and this Branch will ever regard with satisfaction the very worthy position it took in raising the Special Education Fund.
The last Annual Meeting was addressed by the Rev. A. Lowy, whose enthusiasm in his work and well-stored mincl always render his visits interesting and beneficial to the Association.
We regret the resignation of Mr. A. M. Hart, who served on the Committee for many years, endearing himself to all his colleagues.
Signed provisionally on behalf of the Committee,
L. M. Simmons.
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£ s. d.
Abdela, J., Esq., 18, Green-
wood-street . . . . 0 10 6
Ades, H., Esq., George-street. 0 10 6 Anzarut, J., Esq., Major-street 110 Aronsberg, A., Esq., Victoria-
street .....0 10 6
£ s. d.
Aronsberg, W., Esq., J.P.,
Victoria-street . . .110 Ascoli, E., Esq., Dickenson-
Barnett, Lewis, Esq., 8, Hey-wood-street, Cheetham . 0 10 0
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