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large scale have taken place in Odessa, NicolaiefF, and other districts, and have caused terrible misery among the victims. The restrictions imposed on the Jewish natives in Russia with regard to their domicile, have also created grave hardships and grievous distress. The uneducated portions of the population in Russia, witnessing the intolerance to which anti-Jewish officials subject the followers of Judaism, have but too often been incited to commit such acts of cruelty as were of the rarest occurrence in former years, before the propagation of anti-Semitism. Though no change in the condition of the Jews in Roumania can as yet be reported, it is anticipated that better days are dawning for them.
With regard to Palestine and the restrictions imposed by the Ottoman Government upon Jewish immigrants, some information will be found in the pages of this Report. Concerning Morocco also, this Report brings under notice important events to which close attention has been given throughout the year. It is satisfactory to state that the vigilance which hitherto has been bestowed on the disastrous affairs of oppressed co-religionists in that country is likely to lead to a mitigation of their untoward condition, and this hopeful opinion is also entertained by Her Majesty's Government. If the proposed Conference on the affairs of Morocco should be held, the Council will endeavour to secure the fullest consideration for the claims of the Jews.
The establishment and maintenance of Public Schools form the bright side in the picture of Eastern Jewish life. Eighteen Schools have in the past year received subventions from the Anglo-Jewish Association. In many of these institutions manual instruction is given. Such instruction affords an enduring benefit to pupils, who, on quitting the school-room, soon prove themselves fully able to become bread-winners. Many youths, after completing the course of their studies, find ready employment in commercial and other establishments, whilst some become teachers. Many of the young artizans are already taking the position of trade masters. Girls are taught to earn a living by the work of their hands, and to take a respected position when they have to discharge
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