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The Council of the Anglo-Jewish Association, in connection with the Alliance Israelite Univmelle, in presenting its Second Annual Report to the members and the general public, is pleased to be able to state that the past year has witnessed a great development
in the Institution.
Before proceeding to give an account of its transactions, the objects of the Association are here briefly recapitulated, to enable the reader to follow and judge for himself the manner in which they
have been carried out.
The Anglo-Jewish Association following the example of the parent body, the Alliance Israelite Universale, has marked out for itself three duties:
i st. To make every practicable effort to remove any disabilities under which the Jews may labour, and to promote wherever needful the moral, social, and intellectual advancement of our people.
2ndly. To give efficient aid to those who may suffer in consequence of being members of the Jewish community.
jrdly. To promote the publication of works calculated to advance these purposes.
The Anglo-Jewish Association recognizes in every Israelite one whom it is bound by the sacred ties of humanity and common descent to protect and assist to the utmost of its power. It aims at establishing a connecting link between the Jews of all countries in which they are scattered, so that, in time of need, joint action may be brought to bear, and united sympathies enlisted. It is in fact a society of brothers in the widest acceptation of the term. Some
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