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country whose government has ever been in the van in redressing the wrongs of others, including the Jews, so as in the holy cause of hu-manity and justice, to bring this act of revolting barbarity under the notice of the Sultan, and effectually shield his law-abiding and loyal Jewish subjects from a repetition of treatment directly contrary to his published will and sovereign decree.
Trusting that your eloquent pleading will have the desired effect,
I am, Sir,
Your obedient servant,
(In the absence of the President, Baron Henry dc Worms,) (Signed) A. BENISCH,
Vice-President. HERBERT G. LOUSADA,
Solicitor & Secretary.
To Sir John Drummond Hay,
Her British Majesty's Consul, Tangiers.
The following reply has been received to this letter:
British Legation, Tangiers, 30th May, 1S73.
I have received the letter you addressed me on the 19U1 inst, in your capacity as Vice-President of the "Anglo-Jewish Association," requesting me to bring under the notice of H.M. the Sultan, certain arbitrary and revolting acts of the Government of Rabat towards the Jewis 1 butchers of that town, and to use my good offices with the view of preventing a repetition of these outrages, which you say are opposed to the spirit of the Sheriffian edict issued on the visit of Sir Moses Mon-
tefiore to the Moorish capital, in 1864.
In the month of March last, I received a similar communication from Mons. Cremieux, as President of the ' Alliance Israelite Universale, and I took advantage of my late mission to the Court of the Sultan, 111 concert "with Mons. Tissot, the French Minister, who visited the capital the same time as myself, to bring under the notice of the Moorish Government the arbitrary acts of the Governor of Rabat and of other Moorish authorities towards the native Jews. Our intervention was attended with success, and strict orders have been given to prevent a
recurrence of the outrages complained of . • • •
I am, Sir,
Your obedient & humble servant, J. H. DRUMMOND HAY, H. B. M. Minister Plenipotentiary in Morocco.
A. Benisch Esq., Vice-President,
Anglo-Jewish Association, London,
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