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the opportunity to do justice to, and to express my entire approval of the conduct of the worthy minister of state of the Spanish nation, whose noble feelings he faithfully interpreted, by demanding pardon for the offender as soon as the offence was satisfied.
I entirely agree with the sentiments you have conveyed to me in your communication, based as they are on that religious liberty of which Spain has once more witnessed the revival. The Republic, in the name of which I accept and thank you for your congratulations, will know by means of practical measures how to realize the efforts which its accession has excited all to make who desire the establishment of religious liberty, as the basis and principle of universal brotherhood.
I beg your Excellency to transmit this letter to the worthy President of the Anglo-Jewish Association of London.
I have the honor to remain Yours &c.,
M. Cremieux,
President of Alliance Israelite Universelle.
Lately, Rabat in Morocco was also the scene of an outrage committed against the Jews, some of whom were compelled to salt the heads of some decapitated insurgents on the Sabbath-day. The Council on being informed of this, determined to take advantage of the presence of Sir John Drammond Hay in Morocco, and to ask him to bring under the notice of the Emperor this wanton outrage, and to pray that the offenders be brought to justice, and the recurrence of similar treatment prevented, as being directly opposed to the humane laws which he had passed for the special protection of his Jewish subjects. A letter was accordingly addressed to Sir John Drummond Hay, of which the following is a copy:
Furnival's Inn, E.G.,
London, 19 May, 1873.
The successful result of the mission of Sir Moses Montefiore to Morocco in 1864, may in a great measure be attributed to the warm interest evinced by the British government in the undertaking, manifested openly by the ready and powerful assistance, and the generous encourage-
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