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On these facts being made known, the Anglo-Jewish Association addressed the following petition to Senor Castelar, the Minister for Foreign Affairs of the Spanish Republic, feeling sure from the liberality of sentiment always expressed by that Minister, as Well as from the manner in which he had so often pleaded and vindicated the cause of the Jews and of humanity, that he would on this occasion come forward and punish the official who had been guilty of such an act of barbarity. The letter was forwarded to its destination through the esteemed President of the Association, Baron Henry de Worms.
the Spanish Republic.
The Council of the Anglo-Jewish association, in connection with the "Alliance Israelite Universellein whose behalf we have the honor of addressing your Excellency, has watched with feelings of the highest satisfaction the large and beneficent measures adopted in Spain of late years, for extending and securing religious and political liberty to all classes of the population, not excepting the Jews, of which ancient body, we beg leave to inform you we are members.
Relying on the laws which have been passed, the main object of which appears to be the dealing out equal justice to all parties in the State, irrespective of race and creed, we most respectfully solicit your earnest attention to the following facts.
Quite recently an Israelite named Ben-Simjon residing at Earache in Morocco, died from the effects of tortures inflicted on him by Spaniards acting under the orders of the Spanish Vice-Consul, Senor Cuevas. We have the honor of enclosing herewith a statement, detailing the particulars of the case, which has deeply grieved the British Jews, and excited great and painful sensation. We feel certain that neither your predecessors in office, nor yourself, can have been cognizant of these sad details ; for in no other way is it possible for us to reconcile the facts, with the liberal, tolerant, and enlightened principles, professed and carried out by the Government and National Council of Spain.
In drawing your attention to this lamentable affair, our impression is that we are conscientiously discharging a sacred duty, not only to our bretliren-in-faith, but also, we respectfully submit, to the whole Spanish nation.; and we therefore cherish the firm conviction that, in the inter-
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