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The concluding paragraph of the law provides that it is to come into force for some purposes in three months after its promulgation, and for others not until April next.
The Roumanian Jews, being deprived of political rights cannot be registered as electors; and the 8th and 12th Articles will therefore have the effect of driving out of the trade the thousands of that religious community who now derive from it their means of subsistence.
But although this is the main effect of these clauses, and no doubt their principal object, your Excellency will remark that they will also deprive all foreigners of liberty of trading, to which, according to the rules of international comity, and independently of the treaties to which we shall presently refer, they are entitled.
Under these circumstances we submit to your Excellency that the Imperial Turkish Government is fully authorised and will probably think it right to object for the following reasons, to the proposed law being carried into effect.
Turkey being the Suzerain of Roumania, incurs to a certain extent the discredit which is merited by the proceedings of the subordinate state.
We are informed that Turkey has with Austria and other ppwers, treaties entitling their subjects to trade freely in all Turkish dominions, and that as Roumania is still comprised in this description, the proposed law would amount to an infraction of these treaties.
The law of last year excluding the Jews from the tobacco trade, and that now proposed for forcing them out of the trade in spirituous liquors, indicate a settled purpose on the part of the Roumanian Legislature to prevent the Jews from obtaining their subsistence, and to drive them from the Principalities by want. Should this be accomplished, your country as a neighbour of Roumania, will only have the option of harshly refusing admission to the starving masses who will seek to immigrate into Turkey Proper, or of relieving at her own expense the distress which Roumanian barbarity will have occasioned.
Knowing the confidence which your Government justly reposes in your Excellency, we trust that these considerations may appear to you deserving of its attention ; and we have.the honor to remain,
Very faithfully yours,
(Signed) FRANCIS H. GOLDSMID, Chairman of the London Roumanian Committee.
HENRY DE WORMS, President of the Anglo-Jewish Association.
To His Excellency, Solicitor and Secretary.
The Turkish Ambassador.
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