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suited on all matters appertaining to the regulation and management of the institution.
The Council cannot close this portion of its report without expressing its cordial acknowledgement to the Education Committee, for the various investigations it has conducted, and for the pains and care it has bestowed upon the work with which it was entrusted.
III. The Agricultural School at Jaffa.
Foremost among the institutions established by the Alliance is the Agricultural School at Jaffa, conducted under the able and energetic direction of M. Charles Netter, and having for its object to promote trades, handicrafts, and other industrial occupations among the Jews of the East, to teach and encourage husbandry, and thereby to put an end to the idleness and the consequent pauperism now so prevalent among them. The school has been in existence four years, and during that time Mr. Netter has, as will be seen presently, overcome many obstacles, and has witnessed the gradual development of his plans, and the school has already done much to regenerate the community and wean the Jewish youths from lives of idleness and inactivity, by implanting habits of industry and a love of study within them, and training them to become useful citizens.
The undertaking however required time and money, and those who were instrumental in its foundation, and none more than M. Goldschmidt of Paris, became fully alive to this notable fact. In June of last year, our late esteemed President received the following letter from M. Goldschmidt :
Paris, 33, Bt. Malesherbes, 27th June, 1872.
Dear Mr. Waley,
Although I know how much your time is taken up, I cannot help writing to you on a subject which I have much at heart.
The Jaffa Agricultural School is in a critical state from want of pecuniar)'means, I don't know whether you read the report the Alliance

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