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Ways and Means, whose province it is to canvass for subscriptions and donations; to devise means for obtaining support by the establishment of branches, both in the British Empire, and in Foreign Countries, and generally to supervise the income and expenditure of the Society and its Branches.
At the suggestion of this Committee the Council determined to try the experiment of organizing Soirdes with the view of popularizing the objects of the Association. On this intention being made known several friends came forward and offered to place their houses at the disposal of the Council for the purpose of the Soirees. Miss Gold-smid, Mr. Reuben D. Sassoon and Mr. Frederic D. Mocatta were among the number, and the Council desires here to record its deep gratitude to them for their kindness and liberality. Hitherto advantage has only been taken of the offer of Mr. Frederic D. Mocatta, at whose house a brilliant Soiree was given on the 5th March last, and the Council can state as a fact that the cause of the Association was greatly promoted thereby, and that the reunion was followed by a great influx of subscriptions and donations.
Financially, the Society is, as will be perceived by the Balance-sheet, in a very flourishing condition, and a considerable number of fresh adherents has joined its ranks. The Council is thus encouraged to hope that such members of the community as have not yet shown sympathy with its sacred cause will, now that the Association has proved its utility, hasten to do so. The strength of an Institution like ours lies in the number of its members, and in the personal interest which they take in it.
The Council seizes the present opportunity of repeating its call to every son and daughter of Israel, to all who feel that the interests of their race are their interests, to come forward and aid the movement by their individual exertions.
Abroad the cause of the Association has been actively taken up. Branches have been established at Sydney and Ballarat through the exertions of the Rev. A. B. Davis and Mr. Hamburger. Mr. Alta-mont de Cordova, of Jamaica, Mr. Wolfe Levy, of Alival, North Cape Colony, South Africa, Dr. de Sola, of Montreal, Mr. Stonewehr,

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