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have contended that the existence of such an institution is unnecessary, because in the hour of distress men of position and influence have always been found who were willing to come forward as champions of their race, and do battle for their brethren ; but without wishing to detract from the merits of such noble men, it is submitted that individual efforts alone are not sufficient, and that it is not by such means that any permanent good can be rendered to our people, or that their cause can be effectually served. Nor indeed should so sacred a charge be left to individual initiative, which might or might not be forthcoming in the right time, and might prove inadequate or relax too soon in its exertions.
The Anglo-Jeavish Association desires to put into practice the maxim that " Union is Strength," and calls upon all to join the ranks, and upon each to contribute his or her quota to the work. Its aim is to promote one feeling, one idea among our people, to make them sensible that although scattered and dispersed in all quarters of the globe, speaking different languages, and identifying themselves with different nationalities, they still form one family, descended from one common ancestor, and that to quote the familiar words which it has adopted as its motto,
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We now proceed to give an acount of the transactions of the Association during the past year.
The recess was scarcely over when the Council to the deep and heartfelt regret of all its members, received a letter from its esteemed President, Professor Waley, stating that he was compelled to resign his office on the ground of ill-health.
The Council, trusting that time and repose might benefit Mr. Waley, indulged for a while the hope that he might at no very dis" tant date be enabled to resume his duties and induced to reconsider his resignation. Its acceptance was therefore left in abeyance for some months. The hope however proved vain, and the Council was compelled in the early part of the present year to proceed to the election of a new President, and was fortunate enough
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