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At its extreme end a floating pontoon and landing stage have been recently added, by means of which passengers are enabled to land on a level with, the decks of the vessels at all heights of tide. A tramway also extends from the Railway Terminus to the landing stage, and passengers can book through from London, or intermediate stations, to the vessels without change of carriage. These advantages, together with an elevated balcony, shelter houses, and other conveniences, render the Eoyal Pier one of the most attractive evening promenades possessed by the people of Southampton.
Extend from the Pier Gates eastward, and are very wide and convenient, allowing abundant space for promenading in addition to what is required for commercial business. With the exception of the stone-built portion of the Water Gate Quay, projecting to the south at the bottom of the High-street, to which the extensive timber addition Was built in 1854, they are all modern, and are formed in advance of the site of the old town wall. From these Quays branch off to the north the principal streets, as well as some of the lanes, which we shall notice in the order in which they present themselves in walking towards the Docks:
Prom the extreme west of these Quays, Cuckoo-lane conducts, partly on the top of the town wall, to West Quay. Immediately at the entrance of this lane, hidden by the projecting store, and in the face of the wall seaward, the interesting monument of the Battle of Gravel Point was visible before the present wharf was made,
; The street on the east is Bugle-street. The corner 'building on the opposite side is an ancient store, well worthy of inspection; portions of it appear of Saxon of
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