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In the following year an Act was passed for the construction of Northam Bridge and Eoads, to complete the fine highway communication with Portsmouth and the
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High-street were pulled down.
In 1805 the Marquis of Landsdowne bought the ancient Castle, altered and enlarged the Keep, building new towers with the intention of completing a mag-nificent castellated mansion; various causes, however, contributed to prevent the entire carrying out of this design, and his successor, not feeling any interest m the place, sold the whole in lots for building. This led to Its destruction in 1818, and afterwards Zion Chapel, now the head quarters of the Salvation Army, was built on the mound which the Saxon. Keep had occupied.
We have not space here to enumerate the improvements which in the early part of this century rapidly followed each other, nor to dwell long on the reputation which Southampton held as a fashionable watering-place. In addition to many noble families who resorted hither, that of the Duke of York was greatly attached to this place, and used its Spa-water with considerable benefit.
I We shall conclude our sketch by stating briefly %e principal events and works of interest of the last forty
w^tS-^r^^P^ the immense
capabilities of the port for maritime, commercial, and manufacturing purposes.
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