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´╗┐PART I.
Without going back to those pre-historie times, of which we know so little, when the Southampton Estuary was only a river, whose mighty waters rolled their tide into another and greater river which, flowing from the west, occupied somewhat the position in which the Solent now lies : without speaking of the people who, at that period, dwelt on our shores, .and of whom we know nothing except that their implements of flint have been found on what is now our Common, we will commence our brief history of the town at the time when Home ruled the world, and when the great Caesars swayed their mighty sceptre.
It appears certain, from the coins and other relics, that have been found, that the Eomans established an important settlement here from the earliest times of their occupation of our Island. The exact position of this settlement was long a matter of doubt, but it is now known to have been situated on the tongue of land formed by a bend of the river Itchen, on the site now occupied by Bittern Manor House opposite to Portswood and Bevois Hill, together with the land on both sides of the road leading from Northam Bridge to Bittern.
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