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I cannot write my name in full to a testimonial—I am too much connected in business with the medical profession—or I would like to write one in letters of gold. But I feel bound to testify to the extraordinary efficacy of Andre's Seeds-of Health.
My wife was a martyr to severe spasms ; we had, irrespective of cost, the best medical advice and appliances, but nothing availed to cure her ; tardy relief was all the benefit she received, and my chymist's bill alone amounted to £8 or £9 annually. Accidentally I came to purchase a box of AndrS's Seeds of Health, and my wife, within an hour after taking one, was relieved from one of her severest attacks of spasms, and is now entirely free from them. My chymist's and doctor's bills have for three years past been reduced to nil; an occasional box of Andre's Seeds of Health is all the medicine which enters my house, and while I purchase one box for my own family, I buy three boxes to give away to persons suffering. (Signed), F.
Sydney, New South Wales.
Gentlemen,—Please send us one hundred dozen of Andre's Seeds of Health. The fifty dozen which reached us in April last are all gone. They certainly possess a wonderful efficacy, which their rapid sale testifies, and which increases every month, and having tested them ourselves, we can conscientiously recommend them. Your obedient Servants,
Bugle Street, Southampton.
Gentlemen,—I have unfeigned pleasure in testifying to the great value of AndrS's Seeds of Health ; having now made use of them eight years, I have no hesitation in pronouncing them a most valuable medicine.
Prior to their use I suffered greatly from Constipation, and tried many remedies in vain. I at first found it necessary to take them somewhat regularly, but now an occasional dose keeps me in good health, and I am quite a different man to what I was before I had recourse to them. They cannot be too well known. I am going to Australia, and wish you to put me up four bottles, each containing one hundred Seeds. NICHOLAS CABBY.
Gentlemen,—With very considerable pleasure I certify that I have derived much benefit from the use of Andre's Seeds of Health—they have done me great, great good. I was induced to have recourse to them, having been a severe sufferer from Indigestion, and now I am seldom or never troubled with it. I am leaving for India, and wish to have one of the largest (lis.) boxes. 1 consider them my Sheet Anchor. G. HABKNESS, Lieut.-Gol., Madras Staff Corps.
High Street, Southampton. Dear Sirs,—Your Andre's Seeds of Health are really a very valuable and wonderful remedy. Any other medicine is scarcely ever taken by any member of my household. They equally suit the children as the adults. When anything is the matter with any one of them, a seed almost invariably sets them right, which they take most readily—in fact, if ailing, ask for it, and the disagreeable task of administering Powders is rendered unnecessary. They ought to make your
fortune. Yours truly, H. D. C.-
P.S.—I have not signed my name in full, as I am not anxious to appear in print, but you may refer anyone to me you may think proper for my testimony to the marvellous Remedy and the genuineness of the above.
Sold retail by all Chymists at Is. lid., 2s. 9d., 4s. 6d., and lis. per box.
N.B.—To prevent disappointment, and perhaps serious mischief, beware of spurious imitations of the above valuable Medicine by mendacious persons, to which a somewhat similar name may be given, and resist all attempts to foist any other preparation.
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