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CAB STANDS.—Railway Terminus, Docks, Quay, Bernard-street, High-street, 2; Above Bar, 3 stands. Feres for one horse, one mile or less, Is.; for a quarter of a mile or less additional distance, 8d.; for two horses, ls.6d.; 4d. for a quarter of a mile or less additional, For two horses thirty minutes or less, 2s.; forty-five minutes, 2s.6d.; one hour, 3s. ; for each fifteen minutes beyond, 8d. For one horse, similar periods, ls.6d., 2s., 2s.6d.; and for each additional fifteen minutes, 6d.
BOATS.—To Netley, from Watergate Quay, pair of sculls, 3s. ; for pair of oars and two men, 4s.; there and back, waiting two hours, 7s. For same to Bed-bridge and Fling, 5s.; there and back, 6s. To Ramble or Calshot, 7s.6d.; there and back, 8s.6d.: for detention Is. per hour. Boats hired for pleasure, 2s. for first, Is. for each additional hour. At West Quay, small boats, for hire—6d. per hour, without attendant.
TEAM CABS.—A Tramway is laid from the Docks' Station along Oxford-street, Bridge-street, High-street, and Above Bar-street to the Park at the upper part of the town: here one portion branches off to the left and is continued by Commercial-road and Shirley-road to Shirley; while the other follows the Winchester-road and Avenue to the Stag Gates were it turns to the right and is continued along Lodge-road and Portswood-road to Portswood.
Cars leave the Terminus every ten minutes, and are exceedingly convenient for passengers to either of the above places, or any intermediate point. It is a very good way for a stranger to gain a general idea of these routes and the places in their immediate vicinity, to take his or her place (for they are equally patronized by ladies and gentlemen) on the top of one of these Cars
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