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the visitor will, at the Baltic "Wharf, take the road to the left, at first hearing the deceptive title of Marine Parade; the Gas "Works succeed on the left, with wharves, &c., the village'of Itchen, forming a beautiful back ground. Passing lime and cement works, and a picturesque and well-appointed Industrial School, the road follows the Itchen, along the banks of which are many yacht and boat building yards, to Hillbank through Millbank-street and other portions of the suburb of Northam to its iron works and ship yards; here it turns by coal and timber wharves to Northam Bridge, and passing the toll-house, it winds on the open beach of the east bend of the Itchen, and across the Railway into Bevois Valley, joining Rockstone-lane.
Has been already pointed out as leaving the Above-Bar-utreet at the Pair-field (see page 53).
It next passes across the Park between the Lammas lands of the East Marlands on the left, and the Hound-well on the right. The latter name is from one of the ancient conduits so called, which occupied a site on the west side of the green. The Tunnel of the Dorchester and "Weymouth Railway passes under the Houndwell, the Fair-field, the New-road, and Alms Houses.
"We next pass North-front at Kingsland-place, and the east entrance to the Tunnel. Further on the Railway, conducted in the bed of the old Canal, and crossed by several bridges, brings us to
A modern building in the Saxon style. Until 1850, this was only a chapel of ease to St. Mary's, but the immense revenue of that Rectory, and the increasing
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