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right of ten thousand men, it is the right of ten ; and if the thousands are determined to enforce their right, they cannot deny the right of the ten. The principle is monstrously unjust that demands the few to be slaves for the many ; and such, in point of fact, are the men that are doomed to a life of unmitigated toil." What says your correspondent to these working men P What can he say if he carries out his own proposition but that their argument is just, and that they have a right to be protected against such a wrong, whether it be perpetrated by the cupidity of the Crystal Palace Company, or the dissipated pleasure-seekers by railways and steamboats. It would be well here to show to what a serious extent we are already involved in the guilt of Sabbath desecration, without giving any additional incentives to that crime by the opening of the Crystal Palace on that day. There are at present employed on the Lord's day:—
On Canals and Navigable Rivers, about ..............100,000
Railways........................................ GO,000
Post Offices...................................... 20,000
Cabs and Omnibuses, London .................... 10,000
Thames Steam-boats ............................ 500
—Together with a great variety of othpr sources of Sabbath desecration which cannot be calculated, from the difficulty of getting even a proximate estimate of the numbers employed, such as malting, iron works, cheesemaking, baking, trading, and policemen, making an aggregate of the most frightful character, the awful consequences of which will, I fear, be sooner or later manifested by some direful calamity, if we do not turn from our evil ways ; and, instead of endeavouring to improve the condition of the working classes by such unhallowed means, we should rather, through the instrumentality of Scripture readers, carry the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ to their houses, and press it upon them for acceptance, as the only source whence true enjoyment and happiness can be derived.
With these statistics before him, will your correspondent still rejoice that Manchester has decided to open the Crystal Palace at Sydenham on the afternoon of Sunday? Or will he not rather deprecate an act which will involve such a great amount of suffering and unintermiting toil to a class of men who have no security against the infliction of such an evil, other than by the maintenance of the law against the opening of this commercial undertaking on that day. Hitherto I have treated this subject upon the ground of secular expediency, and I think I have shown that the working classes are chiefly interested in the preservation of the Sabbath as a day of rest; and all those who seek their elevation socially, physically, or religiously, should use their influence to preserve to them their right to its enjoyment.
But, Mr. Editor, I have a higher claim upon the community for attention to this subject than any I have previously advanced, and that is the command of the Almighty God to keep holy the Sabbath Day. JSTot only, when by His creative power He finished the heaven and the earth in the six days, did He bless and sanctify the seventh as a day of rest, but in the communication of the Ten Commandments at Mount Sinai He calls especial attention to this one by preceding it with the word " Remember," thereby calling attention to a previously recognised command, and enjoining upon them a continuance of its obligation ; and in how many ways He punished the people of Israel for its violation it is only requisite to refer to the whole history of that people, contained in the Holy Scriptures for its proof.
Some persons, who are anxious to get rid of the sacred obligation of the Sabbath, talk of it as a Jewish ordinance, and argue that it was
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