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It will perhaps be necessary that the author of the present production should offer some reason for venturing out of what may be considered his legitimate sphere in treating upon the subject of Sabbath observance ; but the magnitude of the interests involved, and the persuasion that the inalienable right of all to the enjoyment of the blessing and privilege of Sabbath rest has not been insisted upon to the extent of its claim, affords a sufficient excuse.
These Letters first appeared in the Hampshire Independent in answer to some correspondents of the same paper, who advocated Excursion Trains and the opening of the Crystal Palace on the Lord's day, in order to the recreation of the working classes, who in their communications altogether lost sight of the rights and privileges of another portion of the same class, who must be employed in ministering to such unhallowed pleasures.
This difficulty can in no way be overcome but by an attention to the Fourth Commandment in all its integrity, and it is with a view to this end that these Letters are re-published in their present form, with an earnest prayer that they may be instrumental in promoting a better observance of the Lord's day by its dedication to the care of the soul's eternal interest. ┬╗
April, 1855.
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