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Resident Students.—Under 13 years of age, £16 16s. for each of the winter and spring terms, and £18 18s. for the autumn term ; above 13 years of age, £19 19s. for each of the winter and spring terms, and £22 Is. for the autumn term. These fees include tuition, but not the extras mentioned above, nor laundress, which is £l 10s. per term. Each Student is also required to pay £1 per annum for seat at church.
In all cases Students are required to provide their own books and drawing materials.
In tie case of two or more sisters, a reduction of 10 per cent, will be made in the fees of all except the first.
Day Boarders.—To enable Day Students who may live at a distance to remain for the afternoon work, a limited number will be allowed to dine in the College with the resident Students on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays, at a fee of £3 3s. for each of the winter and spring terms, and £4 4s. for the autumn term.
Occasional Students.—Information respecting the fees of the Classes for Occasional Students may be obtained from a special prospectus.
All fees must be paid in advance, and none will under any circumstances be returned.
February 23, '1872.
tlie undersigned, being the Proprietor of Share No.
in the Hampshire Association
for Promoting Pemale Education, hereby Nominate as a Regular Student of the College on the ordinary* [reduced] terms,
Christian and Surname of Nominee __
born on the
clay of
Father's -) Address
Profession or Occupation
State whether the Nominee has been at any place of education previously, and, if so, where, for how long, and for what reason she left _________
When she will bo ready to join the College_______
and whether as a Boarder or Day Student_____—
I n case of the admission of the above Nominee, we hereby agree, for ourselves and for her, to abide
by the regulations of the College.
Signature of Parent or Guardian_____
Signature of Shareholder _______—
Dated this_________day of __1__1S7 .
N.B.—Any person desirous of obtaining admission for a Student to the College, without taking a Share, may ascertain whether any appropriated Shares are vacant, and, if so, on what terms they may _>e
rented, on application to the Honorary Secretary, from whom also copies of this form may be obtained tor the purpose of being filled up and forwarded with such application.
* Erase whichever word docs not apply.
For information rcspccting the admission of Students on redwcfd terms see prospectns of Eampshiie Association for Promoting Female Education.
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