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Custom House, Canute Road.
Collector and Receiver of Wreck—Edgar Bates, Esq.
In-Dogr Department.
Principal Clerk—A. L. Tanner, Esq.
Clerk, 1stClass—G. Douglas, Esq.
Clerks, 2nd Class—Messrs. C. W. Yonge, E. C. Eldred, S. Tully, and G. E. A. Caldwell.
Second Division Clerk—Mr. H. W. Harding. Abstractor—Mr. J. S. Russell. Out-Door Department.
Surveyors—J. Phillips and E. Christopher, Esqrs.
Examining Officers, 1st Class—Messrs. A. Richardson and W. A. Keay. Examining Officers, 2nd Class—Messrs. J. Coleman, W. H. Cook, J. Gurr, J. Atkinson, ]. T. Bickell, J. Cavers, E. Trenerry, J. J. Watts, R. J. Bash, J. H. Johnson, J. W. Jowett, C. Howe, J. F. Watson, A. H. Davis, and A. J. O'Driscoll.
Chief Preventive Officer—Mr. J. A. Poole.
Preventive Officers—Messrs. G. W. Boyd, J. T. Grover, W. G. Lowe, A. W. Scarlett. G. Arnold, M. Healy, J Conibear, J. W. Ashington, W. Pearson, and G. Gilbert.
Assistants of Customs—Messrs. R. Nash, M. O'SuIlivan, J. H. Scales, J. Lewis, W. L. Howe, and J. P. Morris.
Out-Door Officer, 1st Class—Mr. J Hawkins.
Out-Door Officers, 2nd Class—Messrs. M. Molony, J. Buckley, A. E. Powell,
J. C. Staplm, and R. G. Rees.
Boatmen—Messrs. J. Knight, J. Wilkins, J. Jenkins, J. Wright, H. M. Wheeler, F. Cornish, VV. Wills, A. E. Dear, D. Daly, G. Tizard, S. H. J. Wood, C. J. Brache, G. E. Jessey, W. H. Gosling, J. Moss, F. W. Hockaday, L. Cox, R. J. McLenaghan, R. Graham, J. H. Boyes, H. J. Scovell, E. M. G. Plowman, J. H. Wills, J. Thomas, J. Potter, A. Young, and W. H. Hills. Pensioner Boatmen—Messrs. G. Gannaway, J. Jocelyn, W. H. Burness, and
J. Bennett.
Caretaker—F. Seymour. Boy Messengers—J. Broomfield and H. Batten. Principal Coast Officer at Lymington—Mr. B. M. Betts.
Medical Superintendent of Quarantine—Dr. Harris.
Southampton Chamber of Commerce.
Established 1851. Incorporated 1875.
Hartley Institution, High Street.
President—G. T. Harper, Esq., J.P. Vice-President—A. C. Dunlop, Esq., J.P., Sir F. H. Evans, K.C.M.G., M.P., Sir J. Barrington Simeon, Bart. M.P., Jas. Lemon, J.P., T. Wallis, J. B. Thomas, J.P., J. Miller, J.P., P. Stewart, J.P., J. E. Le Feuvre, J.P., Geo. Day, J. A. Barling, A. C Dunlop, J.P., and S. W. Durkin, Esqrs.; Sir. F. Perkins, J.P.; J. T. Hamilton, E. Bance, D.L., J.P., T. Morgan, J.P., R. Beck, and H. Wilding. Esqrs.; Dr. H. Milner White, LL.D.
Hon. Secretary—P. Stewart, Esq., J.P., South Western Chambers, Canute Road.
The Subscription to the Chamber, £1 Is. per annum, payable in advance, in March of each year, entitles a Member to use the room of the Chamber, the telegrams, newspapers, writing materials, &c., placed therein. It also entitles a Member to the full privilege of the Hartley Institution, viz. ;—To take out two volumes from the Library, to read the telegrams, newspapers, and "current periodicals, and admission to Lectures, Concerts, Readings, or Soirees, concerning which the Hartley Council may give special notice that the Member's Ticket is available.
General Meetings of Members are held in February, May, August, and November. The Annual Meeting is held in the month of March.
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