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Insurance Company
(Established over 35 Years).
This Company, which has been established over a Quarter of a Century, covers the risk of all descriptions of Glass, whether Plate" Patent Plate, Sheet, or Crown ; also all Embossed, Lettered, Figured, and Silvered Glass, Shop and other Glass Facias, Ornamental Street Lamps, and Glass in internal Shop Fittings, Publican's Bar Fittings, &c.
Rates.—The rate of premium varies according to the size of the several squares, and the position and description of the Glass to be insured, but upon receiving the name and address of any person desirous of ensuring, the Company will immediately send and survey the risk, and give the proposer the terms of insurance.
The Policies granted by this Company covers all risks except fire and explosion, and are free from all vexatious restrictions.
Private Dwelling House Windows, whether Plate. Patent Plate, or Sheet Glass, insured at Special Rates on the rental of house, without the necessity of measurement.
On giving up any Premises, the Glass in which is insured by this Company, the policy can be transferred from the outgoing to the incoming tenant, free of charge to either.
Pending Inquiry as to Rate of Premium, the proposer can pay a deposit at the Office, or to the Agent, and so secure himself against risk, which deposit will be returned in the event of the rate not being approved.
Notice of Claim, when the insurance is in London, should be immediately given direct to the Head Office; when in the Country, to the Agent through whom the Insurance was effected.
Prompt Re-instatement.-—Where requisite, the Agents of this Company are empowered to re-instate forthwith, without communicating with the Chief Office before doing so.
Septennial Allowances.—Where no claim is made under a policy for Six Years, the assured is, on payment of the seventh premium, allowed a return of Ten per cent, on the gross amount of premiums paid for seven years.
For Prospectuses, Proposals, and all information as to Rates, apply to the Chief Office, or to the Southampton Agent—
58, Argyle Road.
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