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128 pages. One Penny each.
By Sir Walter Scott. A legend of Montrose.
Castle Dangerous and the Surgeon's Daughter. The Talisman,
By J. Fenimore Cooper. liionel Lincoln.
Sea Lions.
The Borderers.
The Pilot.
The Spy.
The Water Witch.
The Last of the Mohicans,
By Dana.
Two Years before the Mast.
By Captain Mayne Beid. The Rifle Rangers.
The Desert Home.
By j. B. Gleis. The Subaltern.
By Daniel Defoe. Robinson Crusoe,
By Robert Southey. The Life of Nelson.
By Captain Marryat. The Phantom Ship.
The Children of the New Forest. The Pirate and the Three Cutters. Masterman Ready.
Poor Jack.
The Little Savage.
The King's Own.
By W. H. G. Kingston, Ned Garth.
Owen Hartley.
The Cruise of the " Dainty. The Mate of the " Lily."
The Two Shipmates.
By P. Frankfort Moore.
The Mutiny on the "Albatross." The Ice Prison.
By Robert M, Bird,
Nick of the Woods.
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