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Bishop's Charity-
Trustees—The Churchwardens and Guardians of the Poor of the Parish of Holy Rood, and J. E. LeFeuvve, J.P., F. B. Turner, and J. A. Barlmg, Esqrs., in whose names the stodk stands. . .
This Charity consists of 48,117 8s. 9d. Consols, the annual income being divided amongst Ave persons, who are elected for life, in half-yearly instalments, according to the directions of the will of the late Mr. Joseph Bishop, and preference is given to bakers and their widows and maiden daughters, and journeymen bakers, having served seven years as apprentices in the Parish of Holy Rood, resident in such parish, and retaining a settlement there.
CZw* fo Ww TyWew—Mr. G. Waller, 7, Albion Place.
The "Teuton" Fund.
Esq., J.P., W. Bone, Esq., J.P.. R.
Chipperfield, Esq., Kenny", Esq., W. F.
Trustees—G. Y. Mercer,
J.P., E. Bance, Esq., D.L., J.P., A. Paris, Esq., W. C.
G. Spranger, Esq., and the Mayor for the time being.
Clerk to the Trustees—J. G. A. Hatherly, 3, Portland Street.
On the loss of the U.S.S. " Teuton," in 1881, a sum of about £'9,050 was subscribed, and was so apportioned that each widow should receive an annuity for life, and each orphan Is. per week for school money until 14 years of age, when he or she becomes presumptively entitled to a sum of money (not less than £10) as apprenticeship fee.
The "Hobley" Memorial Fund
For the supply of Surgical Appliances to members of Friendly Societies.
. Trustees—Messrs. J. H. Higgs, H. B. Rohss, and J. J. Isted.
Treasurer—Mr. J. Read, 45, Oxford Avenue.
Secretary—Mr.- W. R. Olney, 116, Oxford Avenue.
This Memorial was instituted in 1893 as a tribure to the indeiatigable labours of the late Dr. S. H. Hobley, who was surgeon for many years to a large number of the Friendly Societies in the town, and its object is to relieve suffering by the loan of surgical appliances. The stock comprises water beds and pillows, waterpooof sheeting, air cushions, rubber bandages, crutches, bed rests, electric machine, &c., which are available for use of members of Affiliated, Societies, their wives and children, upon application to the Secretary, who will be glad to supply copies of rules and all other information.
Thorner's Charity Almshouses.
Thorner's Charity Almshouses are situated in Anglesea Place, and close to Above-Bar Street. They were built by the Trustees under the will of Mr. Robert Thorner, a member of an Independent congregation meeting at Girder's Hall, London, who died on July 17th, 1690. On becoming infirm he left London to live at Baddesley, and became an elder of the Independent congregation of Southampton, which then met on the site of the present Above-Bar Chapel. He left property in Leadenhall Market, London, which had been leased at £80 a year, and which came into the possession of the trustees in 1769. The retnrn made by the trustees to the Charity Commissioners showed that this property for the year ending May 31st, 1891, produced £1,220. About fifty years ago an investigation was made, and it was then found that nearly £3,500 was standing to the credit of the Charity, and no benefits was accruing from it. Since that time new houses have been built, and the sum paid to the occupiers of the houses—forty-three widows at Anglesea Place, and sixteen in Polygon Road-was increased from two-shillings per week to five-shillings.
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